Mission and Background

My name is Amaya Engleking and I am a homebirthing mother of three and a lover of God who honors Mother Nature and the mother-nature in we women as we grow into our full embodiment of life. I have been blessed to have met a few others in life who nurture this nature, and in doing so, not only demonstrate the divine love which I believe is the creative force and reason we are all here, but also act as the much-needed harmonization to the monotonous beat of patriarchy to which our civilization has spiritlessly marched, tuning out the voices that comprise our song of humankind.

I am to be a voice of harmony.

Caring for mothers and families through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and new motherhood as my spirit aligns with those of the mother/baby is a way to fortify the thread that binds us all to one another and to our Source. For prenatal nourishment, we will learn, journal, walk, and break bread together as sisters. We will also focus on the body and do gentle exercises to encourage optimal fetal positioning and proper blood flow. My goal is for you, the mother/baby, to know that you are cherished by ‘the village’ as you prepare to birth/be born. Steadfast presence will continue into the sacred postpartum space as you slowly regain your strength, beginning with ample rest and blood-building foods through the fourth trimester. I hope to serve your family for six months to one year after the birth.

My path to serving mothers has been a long and curvy one (just like my own gestations!) I have a background in music, having been a former violinist in the San Juan Symphony, and I am currently also a children’s choir director. I also studied Chinese language and lived and taught in China for four years before apprenticing with an acupuncturist/TCM practitioner in my home state of Colorado. Poetry is perhaps my first language and I have been part of dVerse Poets Pub, an international online poetry community for several years. My poetry blog and space for me to explore my continuing Christian conversion and the cosmic Christ consciousness is called Gospel Isosceles. It was only after my own homebirths with both licensed and underground midwives that I began hearing the call to sacred birth-keeping. I completed Indie Birth’s Birth Warrior Project, a four-month doula training in 2020. With other women from that course, we are in the process of forming Virtual Birth Collective, a worldwide database of childbirth attendants and physiological birth educators who are dedicated to mothers/babies, not to the state.

I enjoy hiking in the mountains, snowboarding, growing veggies, cooking, and having John Coltrane dance parties with my daughters and husband.

Published by Gospel Isosceles

I drew a rose took off my clothes swam in a creek went from wild to meek and down in a cave the dark taught me to behave as holy chastisement with subtle advertisement and lost my imagination in the wilderness of expectation I thought I knew love though wasn’t looking above...

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