Ruah Born — Amaya Engleking, doula


Honoring holistic homebirth

Currently serving families of Milwaukee, WI and as I maintain a growing database of autonomous birth workers, I can also help connect you to another sister committed to this vocation, wherever you call home.


Ruah (רוּחַ) –

The natural force which represents in its extended meaning the breath of life in human beings and the creative, infilling power of God and His Spirit.

Thank you for being here. 
My name is Amaya and my prayer for you is that you feel loved and heard throughout your journey of co-creation and transformation. If I have the privilege of serving you, I promise to walk beside, witness, and nurture you as you nurture the new life within.



• I serve you throughout your entire pregnancy

• I serve you for 6 months to one year after your baby is born

• We will put great emphasis on spiritual well-being and connection with the spirit of your baby through journaling and writing prompts, gentle tai chi and yoga movements, nature walks, learning about sacred childbirth, and anything else that makes your heart sing (and your baby dance!)

• We will also share nutritious meals that I will prepare for you each time we meet.

I choose only to attend planned homebirths, with the exception of hospital-transfer. 


**Services usually range from $600-$1500, but I am offering donation-based services through December 2020. Contact me with any questions and we can set up a time to meet—virtually, for now, via FaceTime/Marco Polo/Zoom.

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